How to Store Christmas Wrappers

Christmas is an exciting time for everybody. In Manila, we don’t only celebrate Christmas, we overdo Christmas! We start it as early as October and end the season just after New Year. As soon as the “ber” months come in, malls start playing Christmas carols and décor is up just as soon as Halloween ends.

Along with all the festivities are loads of present wrapping. So today’s blog are some suggestions to keep your wrappers under wraps!

You can store them in a specially made station using rods and pegs.

Here’s another version. If you want to make your own, I think thin tension rods will work well, too.

Your wrapping station can house your ribbons, too. This is smart because it keeps your ribbons from becoming a tangled mess.

Professional organizer, Alejandra Costello, keeps her wrappers organized this way.

You know that little space in the corner of your closet? It makes a great storage place for wrappers.

Or how about the ceiling inside your closet? What a space saver!

If you’re not the DIY type, then use an old wine rack to store your wrappers.

I myself like the idea of using a free standing towel rack to create a complete wrapping station. This way everything you need for gift wrapping comes from just one place. Photo courtesy of my Tita Chito Vasquez.

Good luck finding the perfect solution for your wrappers. Until next time, this is a wrap!


It’s really over and I’ve held on to you as long as I possibly could…

But it’s just so hard to let you go…

Okay, you probably all think I’ve gone crazy. I’m not talking about anyone in particular.

I’m talking about my Christmas decor! Some of you may have been putting off packing away your holiday trimmings (like I did!). If you’re planning to pack them up this weekend, check out some of my tips in this video!


I am still on post-holiday de-cluttering mode and last night I tackled the Christmas cards I collected from last season.  I personally like keeping them all in a scrapbook so that I can go through them again someday (I guess this is a good way to check who remembers you throughout the years).

There are a lot of great scrapbook templates just for this purpose.

If you don’t like scrapbooking, then you can also create a Christmas card booklet with ordinary key rings and a puncher!

You can also upcycle your Christmas cards into a nice paper tree centrepiece! This is brilliant!

Or you can start early (really early!) and upcycle them into future Christmas ornaments.

Or how about making your own book marks?


You can also create a Greeting Card Prayer Box which is basically any box that holds all the Christmas cards that you received.  Then during family prayer time, you can pull out a card to pray for the person or family that sent it to you.

Good luck and may you find the perfect storage solution for all the greetings lovingly sent your way.