Collect Them All!

I’ve collected plenty of these throughout the years… no, they’re not action figures nor art… they’re business cards!  Some from clients, others from publications and networks, a big chunk from suppliers, and then some from doctors, professionals, resorts, salons and many, many more!

I do save the important numbers on my mobile phone but I keep the card anyway for future reference.  And I’m sure glad I did because one time when my phone bogged down, I lost all my contacts!

Here’s how to “OCfy” your big business card collection:

1. Organize According to Category

I know a lot of business card organizers have those little tabs that keep them alphabetized. But I would rather organize according to category since I won’t be able to remember the name of the company or person I need to look for them under the correct letter.  So what I did was to remove all the alphabet tabs and replace them with labels of my own (using my label maker of course!).  So now if for example I need an events supplier, I go through the “Suppliers” tab.  If I need to contact my hairstylist, then I look through the “Beauty and Health” tab.

2.Write Notes.

I add my own notes at the back of some cards especially if it’s not easy to remember what the company is for, or where I met that person, or his or her nickname.

3. Find the Perfect Organization Tool

Now the fun part… choose an organization tool that will keep your business cards together in an easy to access system.

You can use a puncher and a ball chain or heavy string.

Binder snap rings work well, too!

Or use a good ol’ rolodex.  Jazz it up by covering the dividers with craft paper.


Albert Einstein had a very messy desk!
So does that give us all a creative excuse to have a messy desk?  Maybe not.  Well, not unless you are a genius just like him than maybe, just maybe, you can be excused.  But for the rest of us mortals, if you want to gear up for an exciting career year, then it’s time to de-clutter your office work station.When I got back to the office after the short holiday break, I was hung over from all the festivities.  But the moment I arrived at the office this morning, it was like getting smacked on the face!  I faced a big pile of paperwork left over from last year, unfiled documents and folders strewn across the table, left over gift bags under my table… in short my work station could rival that of Einstein’s!Luckily I was able to get to work early to do some post-holiday de-cluttering.  Here are some tips I learned along the way!
Use containers and file organizers to create a home for everything in your work station…. Then stick by it!  Don’t fall into the rut of using the top shelf of your office drawer as a catchall.  Assign a place for all your paper clips and binders, a space for your pens and erasers.  Now that you know exactly where everything is and should be kept, this will also help you become more efficient at work.
It’s time to live by the expression “Think Before You Print”.  If you don’t need to print it, then don’t!  You save Mother Earth a lot of waste.  Another way to keep paper waste under control is to keep a paper recycling bin beside your trash can or the printer.  This way, you will encourage yourself and office mates to re-use paper and lessen office clutter.
If you can, invest in wireless or Bluetooth devices to lessen the cords around your office work space.  No wires = less clutter.
Replace the mess on your desk with photos or well-placed favorite objects that will make you love your work place.
My daughter does this in Nursery school, so why can’t I?  Before leaving the office, take a minute or two to put things away.  You come back the next day to a clean and tidy environment that will put you in a better mood to work.
Here’s to a new year, a newly cleaned work place and a new outlook for a better career!