Caring for your Handbags

You just splurged on a new designer handbag. Now how do you take care of it so that you are assured many years of enjoyment and use? Here are some tips on how to properly care for your bags.


Find a proper storage space for your bags that is far away from direct sunlight as this can cause leather to fade or dry out. Pick a place that also has good airflow and low humidity as high humidity can lead to mildew.

Now if you stay in a place with high humidity, add silica gel desiccant inside your bag storage area. These are available at craft stores or better yet, don’t throw the little bags that come with your vitamins! Reuse them for your luxury items.



Avoid dust by properly storing your bags inside dust bag covers. If you can’t find one, use a natural fibre pillowcase instead. Never store them in any kind of plastic or vinyl as this material traps wetness and eventually may cause molds.

To keep your bags in its proper shape, you can purchase purse inserts for support or you can also be economical by stuffing your bags with towels or tissue paper instead.


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Get Tasks Done!

Being a mom, working as an advertising executive, having my own business and making sure I keep myself and my family healthy and happy is no easy task. My to-do list never ever ends! I have a feeling almost everyone out there can relate to this. On top of all our tasks, we home managers also need to keep our homes and family’s lives in order. But with just too many tasks to do, something very soon has got to give.

Thank heavens I was introduced to Tasktics. It’s the perfect place to find dependable help for a task that you need. Need a driver for a day? Go to! Need a plumber? Go to! Need help cleaning your apartment? Go to!

Tasktics PR Article Support Photos

This is how it works:

You are the TASK PROVIDER. On the site, you will find TASK DOERS – They are also called Super Pins, short for “Super Pinoy”. These are trustworthy, skilled Pinoys who are capable of doing tasks or errands for you.

As the task provider, you will post the task you need help with. The website is laid out with categories to help guide you in posting your tasks. You will also provide a ceiling amount or the maximum budget you are willing to pay for the task to be done.

Afterwards, Super Pins will bid for your task. You can then choose from those who will bid based on their bid amount, their profile and reviews of the previous tasks they have done.

Post, choose, review. So easy!

What I like about is that it takes pride in implementing an additional layer of background checks and interviews on all its registered Super Pins. The site also allows me to pay using my PayPal account and therefore both of these assure me of safe transactions.

So if you need to de-clutter your life, I have one word for you…DELEGATE! Find reliable help

How to Store Christmas Wrappers

Christmas is an exciting time for everybody. In Manila, we don’t only celebrate Christmas, we overdo Christmas! We start it as early as October and end the season just after New Year. As soon as the “ber” months come in, malls start playing Christmas carols and décor is up just as soon as Halloween ends.

Along with all the festivities are loads of present wrapping. So today’s blog are some suggestions to keep your wrappers under wraps!

You can store them in a specially made station using rods and pegs.

Here’s another version. If you want to make your own, I think thin tension rods will work well, too.

Your wrapping station can house your ribbons, too. This is smart because it keeps your ribbons from becoming a tangled mess.

Professional organizer, Alejandra Costello, keeps her wrappers organized this way.

You know that little space in the corner of your closet? It makes a great storage place for wrappers.

Or how about the ceiling inside your closet? What a space saver!

If you’re not the DIY type, then use an old wine rack to store your wrappers.

I myself like the idea of using a free standing towel rack to create a complete wrapping station. This way everything you need for gift wrapping comes from just one place. Photo courtesy of my Tita Chito Vasquez.

Good luck finding the perfect solution for your wrappers. Until next time, this is a wrap!