Organizing Food Pans and Lids

Does your kitchen look anything like this?

Well, for as long as you know where everything is, then I guess that’s okay.

But if you spend more than a minute looking for a particular item, or if want to maximize the space that’s available to you, then it’s time to get organized!

For my pot lids, I have an accordion type of lid organizer which I got at Ikea.

I found someone online who used a pair of towel racks to organize her lids.


I found another organizing fanatic who used adhesive hooks (try looking for Command Hooks at National Book Store).

For my pans, I have a 4-tier pan organizer I got from Dimensione.

I found someone who brilliantly used a shower rod and s-hooks to hang her pans.  For those who want to try this, both are easily available at any hardware store.  But I think this will work only for light aluminum pans; not the Cast Iron kind!

For my plastic lids, I love this letter organizer from National Book Store!  I can divide the smaller lids from the bigger lids!

May your kitchen continue to be a source of happy meals and bonding for yourself and your family!

Behind Closed Doors

If you live in a condominium like I do, every available nook and cranny counts! So if you are looking for ways to maximize space, one area of the kitchen that is under-utilized but can be taken full advantage of is the back of your cabinets.

I bought an over-the-door towel rack from Make Room.  This is perfect for me because one, I don’t like punching too many holes on anything, and two, I don’t like exposing my rags so this keeps them nicely hidden from public view.


I also bought a few over-the-door hooks from the same store, which I use for my oven glove and mitt. Again, this system keeps my things out of sight and it maximizes the space inside my kitchen cabinet.


At Howards Storage World, I found 2 kinds of units to keep used plastic bags in.  The first one is this white plastic dispenser that has suction cups at the back which keeps the thing attached to my kitchen cabinet.  When it gets too heavy though, the suction cups aren’t able to hold the unit up for too long.  There is an option though to replace the suction cups with screws since there are open holes at the back.


The second is this stainless steel dispenser.  When buying over-the-door units, always make sure that the hooks that will hang off your cabinet are padded because you don’t want to leave ugly marks on the cabinet once you remove them or replace them with something else.


Another way to maximize the back of kitchen cabinets is to get some Command Hooks from National Book Store which can be used to store smaller pans, measuring cups and spoons. Using this system, you don’t have to rummage through drawers when cooking or baking.  Now, don’t worry about the adhesives ruining your cabinet.  If you follow the instructions on the pack on how to remove the hooks, your cabinet finish will stay as is.


The same Command Hooks can also be used to store the lids of your pots, which you must agree, really takes up a lot of space!

By making use of all the precious space available, you and your kitchen can work wonders!

Stay organized and happy!


Dish It Out!

Looking for ways to organize your work station? Here is a great idea using something that you probably already own!

If you have an EXTRA DISH RACK at home, you can use this to organize your envelopes, folders and pens!

Here is a dish rack I bought a year ago but then I decided to get another one that could fit in more dinnerware.  So instead of giving it away, I repurposed it as an OFFICE CADDY. 

The slots meant to hold your dishes up are perfect for files and paper.  This particular one I have is just the right length for short sized folders and envelopes.

The finish is perfect as it is made of rubber and so the material acts like a slip guard.

The drying cup meant for kitchen utensils is perfect for keeping pens, highlighters, scissors and other small things.

The thin edges are useful too as it makes a perfect home for my binder clips.

Organizing makes our tasks a lot more manageable. The less clutter we have, the easier it is to take control of other things in our life.

Happy organizing!

Tea Time!

Some people like collecting spices, some like collecting chocolates.  I like collecting tea!  But if I were to keep them all in the boxes they came with, it would take too much space in my kitchen!

So for all you tea-lovers out there, here are some ways to OCfy your tea bags!

I found this acrylic tea bag box that works perfectly for me.  What I like about this is that I can see what’s inside and I immediately know if it’s time to replenish a certain kind I like! 



You can also re-purpose old jars to hold your tea bags by kind.



There are also other tea holders you can buy just like this one!



If you have extra space in one of your drawers, there are available bamboo tea boxes that you can use.  Just make sure that you measure the available space in your drawer before deciding on which one to buy. That way you leave no wasted space.



Enjoy your tea time everyone!


Today’s organization project is how to de-clutter your kitchen by maximizing your mugs!

Do you have more mugs than the people in your household that use them? It is said that an average household has 2 to 3 times more mugs than the people who use them daily. In my home, there are just 4 adults who all drink coffee just once a day, but we have about 15 mugs of different prints and sizes.  That’s a lot of extra!  The worse thing about having a lot of mugs is that they don’t stack well so they actually use up a lot of space!

First, you need to toss any mug that has a chip or a stain. Then consider repurposing the extra ones to organize the other spaces in your home!

I used my extra mugs to organize my pens.

For my extra mug rack, I use them to hang up my daughter’s accessories!

You can also use your mugs to plan some greens.

Good luck and do share with me your own pictures of how you repurposed your extra mugs! Please post it my OCfied facebook account.

Let’s Get Fruity

Kung Hei Fat Choi! It’s Chinese New Year! The Chinese tradition in welcoming the New Year is to have eight round fruits on the dining table because this number is a symbol of good luck.

But what do you do with all the fruits once the celebration is over?  Here are cute ways to serve fruit!  Perfect for a mom like me whose daughter needs a bit more coaxing when it comes to eating them.

Why not create a fruit cone?  This looks so yummy!


Or serve them in skewers.  I’m calling this fruit-e-que!


You can also serve them using a muffin or cupcake pan!


Or cut them up and put in individual bag or containers for a mini fruit snack station.  With this, you can just grab your fruits and go!


Have a fruitilicious New Year!


This is simple question that can create a lot of stress if you have to think about it every single morning alongside the daily morning rush.  It’s also equally stressful when you have to dash to the grocery at 6:00pm after a harrowing day of emails and clients, just so you have the right ingredients for a dish.

But did you know that it will only take 15 minutes a week to create a weekly menu?   I do this every Sunday morning, right before I set out to go to the grocery or the market.  I sit down, grab my favorite recipe book, log on to a few recipe sites, open my phone’s recipe app, and I’m all set!

This 15 minute of strategizing helps me spend less time and LESS MONEY at the grocery.  Best of all, it keeps my family healthy as it lessens our need to eat take out or fast food.

When you’re done planning, hang it up in the kitchen so that you can easily refer to it during meal preparation and so that you’ll never have to answer that age-old question again!

Create a chalkboard menu with chalkboard paint.


Write out your meal plan on a large framed glass.  Don’t forget to use only whiteboard pens on these!


You can use a picture frame and a blank menu. I love this idea!



How about using a cork board?


Creating a meal plan takes a little time but ultimately saves time and stress!