Today’s organization project is how to de-clutter your kitchen by maximizing your mugs!

Do you have more mugs than the people in your household that use them? It is said that an average household has 2 to 3 times more mugs than the people who use them daily. In my home, there are just 4 adults who all drink coffee just once a day, but we have about 15 mugs of different prints and sizes.  That’s a lot of extra!  The worse thing about having a lot of mugs is that they don’t stack well so they actually use up a lot of space!

First, you need to toss any mug that has a chip or a stain. Then consider repurposing the extra ones to organize the other spaces in your home!

I used my extra mugs to organize my pens.

For my extra mug rack, I use them to hang up my daughter’s accessories!

You can also use your mugs to plan some greens.

Good luck and do share with me your own pictures of how you repurposed your extra mugs! Please post it my OCfied facebook account.