Book Upcycle Ideas

Do you have a lot of old books lying around? This can be one of the major causes of clutter around your home. For books that aren’t readable anymore, don’t relegate them to the recycle bin just yet. You can still re-purpose them into something useful again!

You can turn your old books into a one-of-a-kind lamp just like this. What a wonderful idea for a reading room!


If you feel like taking on this project, you can get the step by step instructions for it here.

Here is another version of that project except that in this one, the books were painted in a solid color.


An old book with some printed fabric can become your next stylish bag.


For all you fashionistas out there, you can find the step by step instructions of this project here.

Here is another example of a book-turned-bag. So cute!


 You can make use of your old book covers to come up with statement furniture like these.



Then you can use the inside pages to come up with different home centerpieces like these.



Here is an easy project to do with all those old books. Turn them into book marks! They will make unique and memorable gifts this Christmas time.


Whatever you choose to do with your old books, may it bring you happiness again just like it did when you first opened it.

Creative Book Shelves

I have a family of book-lovers so it’s no surprise that we’ve amassed way too many books, more than our little condo can hold.

So I’m trying to find creative ways on how to OCfy and display our books.  Hmmmm which one should I choose?


I can use wire baskets.  This could probably work well too with any sturdy basket.


How about this modern-looking book shelf?


I could go all out and have one built in a particular shape. 


How about this one? Literal floating bookshelves!


Or I can just keep them stored neatly with one of my favorite organizing objects —- the magazine file!


Do you have other book organizing ideas? Send me a message here or on my Facebook Page at OCfied.