Bathroom Make-Over

A few weeks ago I went on a quest to do a bathroom make-over. I decided to get a few things at National Book Store and just wanted to share all my fab finds!

I found woven baskets that was perfect for putting toiletries in.




I also got an extra one for my guests! Now anytime I have someone over, I just bring this out.


To my surprise, they sell laundry bags too! So I bought a pair of suction cups to keep them up like this.


I don’t like bearing too many holes on my walls or doors.  So this over the door hook works perfectly for me.


I was pretty surprised to find a lot of stuff there because my first thought when it comes to the place is books and school or work supplies.  The possibilities of organizing are endless at National Book Store.  Watch out as I post more of my finds from them here on my blog!

Makeup Mania

Here’s another round of tips on how to OCfy your makeup and de-clutter your bathroom or dresser! I found some acrylic cases in National Book Store that worked perfectly.

1.     Brochure Stand

This makes a really good container for flat or thin makeup cases like my face powders, eye shadows and blushes.  The transparent case makes makeup easy to find, get, and return afterwards.

2.     Desk Organizer

Originally meant for papers and pens, I use this to organize my makeup brushes and lip-glosses.  The place meant to hold paper is where I put sample sachets and oil blotters.

3.     Multi-Purpose Acrylic Stand

I was very excited when I found a perfect acrylic stand that had the same size holes as my lipsticks and small makeup tubes.

I always get a high over finding perfect containers for my things. Now that my makeup has been OCfied, getting ready for work or a night out is easier.

OCfy Your Bathrooms

Hey guys! I just uploaded my 3rd OCfied video! Yipeee! Today’s video features ways and tips on how to creatively organize your bathrooms! Please subscribe to the OCfied youtube channel for regular organization videos.

Remember, an organized home means less time looking for things and more time with your family!