Egg Tray Egg-citing Upcycle Ideas

Don’t throw those egg trays away! There are many uses for them.

Too many accessories? That’s okay, it’s a girl thing! To keep them organized, you can repurpose a plastic egg tray just like this.

You can also use an egg tray as a sewing kit.  See how you can easily separate buttons, pins and spools with it?

At home, I use egg trays as paint palettes.

The bottom of an egg tray can be used for a preschool stamping activity.

Cover a used egg tray with craft paper from National Book Store and you’ve got yourself a nice gift box!

For parties, an egg tray can become a useful appetizer serveware.

Now if you are feeling a bit crafty, here’s a decorative project you can do with your old egg trays!

With just a little bit of imagination, you will find your own egg-hilirating uses for egg trays, too.

Washi Tape Madness

Washi tapes and printed packaging tapes are so cute! They come in so many designs and thickness! I found a bunch at National Book Store for as low as Php 49.00!




But now that I have a lot of rolls in my collection, what am I to do with them?

Here’s how I used dark lace printed Washi to jazz up a plain white wall clock I had.









There are really so many ways to accentuate home pieces with Washi.  You can use them on light switches…




Furniture legs…




On the door…




Or even on the sides of the door…





Aside from using it as décor, you can also use it for parties! Use Washi tape to attach wooden forks to plastic cups of Desserts, cute serving idea right?




What about serving your meals on a Washi taped tray?  The tape itself is water resistant so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet.




If you need any more ideas, you can always download this e-book I found on called Washi Tape – 101+ Ideas for Paper Crafts, Book Arts, Fashion, Decorating, Entertaining, and Party Fun! Here’s the link:

Have fun Washi taping!



Children are wired to be creative.  They invent games, explore, imagine, and as an effect they love to color and paint – inside and outside the line – and even on your living room walls!

Here’s my daughter’s art attack on our living room wall when she was two years old!




Thankfully my neighbor introduced me to Magic Eraser and that episode never happened again, whew!


But throughout the years, I’ve developed ways on how to organize her artwork!


First I have a file case that I use to store her art.  I label the tabs according to her age in months since I’ve been collecting this ever since she was able to hold a pen.


You can also use some twine and paper clips to hang her best artwork on the wall.  Just follow a one-in-one-out policy.  For every artwork you stick up, you take one down.  


Never stop your kids from drawing, coloring or painting.  Encourage them to be as imaginative as they can possibly be!

To watch my video about this, please click the link below.




Here is another idea on how to create a beautiful space in your home for your child’s artwork.



Here’s how!
Cork Board
Hot Glue
Plywood (optional)

First pick out some fabric if you don’t have some left over pieces, or you can also use an old bed sheet, curtain or skirt whose print you particularly like.
Lay down your fabric, then lay down your cork board right over it.
Cut the fabric to your cork board’s shape, making sure there is about 3-4 inches of fabric surrounding the board.
Glue the fabric to the board, making sure that each side of the fabric is tight.
Flip the board to check if the pattern and the fabric is tight and glued on right.
You can stop here and hang your fabric cork board up or you can do many fabric cork board pieces and then glue them to a large piece of plywood.