Children are wired to be creative.  They invent games, explore, imagine, and as an effect they love to color and paint – inside and outside the line – and even on your living room walls!

Here’s my daughter’s art attack on our living room wall when she was two years old!




Thankfully my neighbor introduced me to Magic Eraser and that episode never happened again, whew!


But throughout the years, I’ve developed ways on how to organize her artwork!


First I have a file case that I use to store her art.  I label the tabs according to her age in months since I’ve been collecting this ever since she was able to hold a pen.


You can also use some twine and paper clips to hang her best artwork on the wall.  Just follow a one-in-one-out policy.  For every artwork you stick up, you take one down.  


Never stop your kids from drawing, coloring or painting.  Encourage them to be as imaginative as they can possibly be!

To watch my video about this, please click the link below.




Here is another idea on how to create a beautiful space in your home for your child’s artwork.



Here’s how!
Cork Board
Hot Glue
Plywood (optional)

First pick out some fabric if you don’t have some left over pieces, or you can also use an old bed sheet, curtain or skirt whose print you particularly like.
Lay down your fabric, then lay down your cork board right over it.
Cut the fabric to your cork board’s shape, making sure there is about 3-4 inches of fabric surrounding the board.
Glue the fabric to the board, making sure that each side of the fabric is tight.
Flip the board to check if the pattern and the fabric is tight and glued on right.
You can stop here and hang your fabric cork board up or you can do many fabric cork board pieces and then glue them to a large piece of plywood.


As this school year comes to a close, my organizing mojo has kicked in again. Throughout the year, my daughter and I have accumulated a lot of school supplies and art materials which I know she can still use all throughout the summer and even onto the next school year.


So before you bring out your kid’s swim suits and goggles,

you need to first put away her used and unopened art and school materials in a bin. 


Inside the bin, keep the materials organized by using separate bags. Don’t forget to label them!


Now that’s done, have a happy summer!

To watch my video about this, please click the link below.


School is almost over, now how do you organize all the items your kids have accumulated throughout the school year?

Don’t throw, just box!

The reason why I suggest you keep them in a box is for easy review if your child has to refer back to an old quiz or text book. 


I keep all of my daughter’s former school books in this box filled with stickers of her choice. 




You can also use plastic boxes just like these! 



Now some people would ask, so when should I get rid of my old textbooks?  This is really something only the owner can answer.  If he or she feels that all the information is readily available online or if the owner badly needs space which boxes upon boxes of old school books are taking up, then it’s time to let it go.


But again, don’t throw! You can donate old textbooks and recycle old notebooks and quizzes.

Holiday TOYDOZER Tips

Christmas is fun especially for children. I loved watching my daughter open one gift after another, her eyes full of awe and excitement with each and every one.  All throughout the week, she has been happily playing with all her new toys. I am so grateful to all our family and friends who showered her with so much presents this year. Thank you Lolas, Lolos, Titas, Titos, Ninangs and Ninongs… you know who you all are. J  But with all the new toys in the house, it’s time for “Organized Catherine” to put back some order!

So yesterday, when I joined my mom and dad for lunch at the mall, we decided to look at possible new storage containers to organize and make room for Franzea’s new toys.

If you are a parent, you probably understand the dilemma of post-holiday gift clutter. Now that it’s time to look past the clutter of Christmas Past, I’d like to share two rules that I live by:



For every new doll, new art set, new stuffed animal, I try to convince my daughter to let go of one that she has outgrown. I tell her that we need to either donate or throw them away (if they really look old and dirty) to make space for new ones. This is actually the best time to ask kids to let go of old toys because their focus is on all the new toys that they got for Christmas.



Make sure that each doll, art set, stuffed animal and anything else that you child plays with has a clear and permanent place in her room.  I like sorting them in different plastic bins so that packing away at the end of each day is easy and you can find anything quickly.