Decorating your Bedside Table

When decorating your bedside table, things tend to get cluttered as it is soooo tempting to just put all of your favorite framed photos and decorations on it. Stop right there!

Here are some bedside table decorating rules:

1.  Follow the RULE OF THREES. 

Here is the basic idea of the rule. Objects that appear in threes are more appealing, memorable and effective than other number combinations.

So I did my own version of this rule. I grouped together 3 objects that make me smile —- a photo of my daughter, a silly looking Buddha and a small vase with Lavender. I wanted them to be of the same color to keep everything in theme.

2.  PROTECT the table top from common objects you place on top of it.

I added a multi-purpose tray to protect the wood from stains that can be caused by my morning cup of coffee or a glass of water.  I also sometimes use it as a catchall for my watch, earrings, clips and other small objects.

3.  Use FELT PADS.

Now to make sure that my decoration doesn’t scratch the surface – which can sometimes happen during cleaning or simply just moving things around, I use felt pads.  Just stick them under!

I bought grey ones from National Book Store.

I also found these black ones from an Asian home store. 


Good luck with your own bedside table decorating!


OCfied Organizer for Earrings

In one of my OCfied videos, I showed a silkscreen earrings organizer.  It’s a project that you can also do!  So here’s a step by step guide on how to make your own Silkscreen Earring Organizer.



Picture Frame

Silk Screen

Glue Gun or Super Glue


1. Remove the backing in a picture frame you like.

2. Take a silkscreen the same size as the picture frame border.

3. Attach the picture frame border on the silkscreen’s frame by using a glue gun. If you want it to be more permanent, use superglue.

Option: Instead of a picture frame border, you can also cover the silkscreen’s frame with cute washi tape!

Have fun with this project! If you want to see the video with this Silkscreen Earring Organizer, click on the link below!


Summer is here and for those who love to accessorize, it’s hat and cap season! Here are some ways to organize them.


I use binder rings to organize my caps on a hanger!

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 10.17.28 AM


My friend uses command hooks to organize his collection on his bedroom wall.



If you have a spare china cabinet, you can showcase your collection there!



Whatever system you choose to OCfy your hats and caps with, don’t forget to use them to stay protected from the sun this summer! 🙂

Your Own BOWtique

My daughter has a lot of clips and bows in all sizes and colors! So here are some ways on how I OCfied them!


1.     Plastic Containers

There are lots of plastic containers out there that have adjustable partitions so that you can modify them according to your needs.  I found this one at National Book Store.  We like it a lot because of its pink color!




2.     Ice Trays

Ice trays make really good hair accessory containers especially for small items like hair pins and small rubber bands.




3.     Carabiners

I like using carabiners to keep all of my extra hair ties together which I usually buy in bulk.  




4.     Ribbons

Here’s a great idea!  You can attach some ribbons to a board or frame for your clips and hair pins.


Calling All Sunglasses Hoarders… just like me!

I gave half of my sunglasses away when I moved to a new condo late last year and I still have a bin full of them left over.  I can’t seem to part with them even though I end up wearing the same pair every day!

So today I’m doing a bit of research on how to stylishly store my sunnies!

Hang it all up!


Another way to hang it is to get a large picture frame and remove the backing.  Add pretty silk ribbons or twine and tie them to the back of the frame using small nails to keep them in place.  You’ve made yourself an art piece!


It hangs well on wire too!


You can also use command hooks!  Here’s an actual picture of mine.  I have this on my closet wall so that it’s the last thing I grab before I close my closet.


With summer fast-approaching, you’ll probably add another (or two) new sunnies to your collection.  So hope this blog helps you organize and display your collection.

BELT it Out!

Just by the title alone, today’s blog topic is all about organizing belts in an OCfied way!

Do you have one closet with two people sharing it? That’s a common situation in condo-living and it’s certainly a huge challenge but no impossible feat.  So here are some simple solutions to make sure that organizing your belts is a cinch!

Here’s how I organize mine!  I use a socks organizer to keep all my belts. image

You can also use extra shower curtain hooks and attach them to a hanger to display your belts!  This idea though works only if you have soft belts.  Some belts won’t curve and hang that easily.image

I like using command hooks to hang anything up…including belts!  image

If you have an extra jewelry tray, this works well too!


Having your belts OCfied saves you a lot of time when getting dressed.  Having it all in one easy to see and easy to store place also helps you effortlessly plan your look for the day!