An organized home simplifies your life, lessens stress and improves your quality of living.  So if you feel that clutter is getting the best of you or your loved ones, then you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Catherine and you know what, I wasn’t always organized.  In fact, I once believed that “organized chaos” was actually important in achieving creativity and freedom of thought; both of which were very important to me. But there was actually no such thing and I reached a point when most days seemed hectic, my to-do lists were not getting done, critical events were forgotten and at times, I would lose important documents.  Worse were the mornings when just thinking of my responsibilities felt too overwhelming.

Then I realized the culprit.  The mess around me wasn’t just physical, it was causing me mental stress too. So when I took control of the clutter, I was able to get my life back in order.  Now I’m more efficient with my time and tasks, it only takes me a minute to find anything in my home, my simplified environment gives me the freedom to be creative and best of all, I come home every day to a clean and calm atmosphere that I love.

A lot of people don’t recognize the pain of disorganization but once you accept the stress that it brings, you are on your way to living out your best life.

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