When we go on vacation, the hotels we stay at usually have free bath and body items.  Now I like to bring my own toiletries so I don’t really get to use the hotel freebies.  If there are some I like, I take them home because the small bottles are put to good use in my gym bag. 

Now, how else can we make use of these freebies?

You know those free little bath soaps?

I actually use them as shoe deodorizers!  Instead of coughing up money for deodorizer balls, just slip the little soaps inside your shoes! No more smelly gym shoes!

You know those free shower caps?  You can use them as shoe protectors when you have to do a house remodelling project.

You can also use it as a shoe bag when travelling. Believe me, this saves more space than a regular shoe bag.


Got any more ideas? Share! I would love to hear from you.



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