Key Mix Up

Do you have a jumble of keys in your purse, or in one of the bowls inside your drawer? If you do, you probably have a bad case of key mix up.  That’s when you don’t know which key goes to which lock, and this brings a lot of uncertain-KEY.

Puns aside, it is never a good idea to store keys without a proper way of identifying them.  During cases of emergency, you won’t know which is which.  You also waste lot of time trying on each and every one when opening something.

To solve this, I’ve Ocfied my keys!

For big bunches of keys, I used my Dymo Label maker to create small but easy to read labels.  I got this at National Book Store and I chose the kind of paper that is water proof.


Now for small groups of keys, I painted nail polish on them so that I can easily tell them apart.


Now my keys will never be a perplex-KEY-ty again! 🙂