Wine Bottle Upcycle

Don’t throw those used wine bottles away.  There are many more uses for them aside from using them as a flower vase.  Here are some projects that you can do this weekend!

How about using them a candy bottle giveaways?

You can also use them as fancy lighted decorations.


Need an extra bangle holder anyone?


Go get some chalk board paint to create your own “Message ON a Bottle”.

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Tea Time!

Some people like collecting spices, some like collecting chocolates.  I like collecting tea!  But if I were to keep them all in the boxes they came with, it would take too much space in my kitchen!

So for all you tea-lovers out there, here are some ways to OCfy your tea bags!

I found this acrylic tea bag box that works perfectly for me.  What I like about this is that I can see what’s inside and I immediately know if it’s time to replenish a certain kind I like! 



You can also re-purpose old jars to hold your tea bags by kind.



There are also other tea holders you can buy just like this one!



If you have extra space in one of your drawers, there are available bamboo tea boxes that you can use.  Just make sure that you measure the available space in your drawer before deciding on which one to buy. That way you leave no wasted space.



Enjoy your tea time everyone!

Key Mix Up

Do you have a jumble of keys in your purse, or in one of the bowls inside your drawer? If you do, you probably have a bad case of key mix up.  That’s when you don’t know which key goes to which lock, and this brings a lot of uncertain-KEY.

Puns aside, it is never a good idea to store keys without a proper way of identifying them.  During cases of emergency, you won’t know which is which.  You also waste lot of time trying on each and every one when opening something.

To solve this, I’ve Ocfied my keys!

For big bunches of keys, I used my Dymo Label maker to create small but easy to read labels.  I got this at National Book Store and I chose the kind of paper that is water proof.


Now for small groups of keys, I painted nail polish on them so that I can easily tell them apart.


Now my keys will never be a perplex-KEY-ty again! 🙂


Summer is here and for those who love to accessorize, it’s hat and cap season! Here are some ways to organize them.


I use binder rings to organize my caps on a hanger!

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 10.17.28 AM


My friend uses command hooks to organize his collection on his bedroom wall.



If you have a spare china cabinet, you can showcase your collection there!



Whatever system you choose to OCfy your hats and caps with, don’t forget to use them to stay protected from the sun this summer! 🙂