Bathroom Make-Over

A few weeks ago I went on a quest to do a bathroom make-over. I decided to get a few things at National Book Store and just wanted to share all my fab finds!

I found woven baskets that was perfect for putting toiletries in.




I also got an extra one for my guests! Now anytime I have someone over, I just bring this out.


To my surprise, they sell laundry bags too! So I bought a pair of suction cups to keep them up like this.


I don’t like bearing too many holes on my walls or doors.  So this over the door hook works perfectly for me.


I was pretty surprised to find a lot of stuff there because my first thought when it comes to the place is books and school or work supplies.  The possibilities of organizing are endless at National Book Store.  Watch out as I post more of my finds from them here on my blog!

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