Here is another idea on how to create a beautiful space in your home for your child’s artwork.



Here’s how!
Cork Board
Hot Glue
Plywood (optional)

First pick out some fabric if you don’t have some left over pieces, or you can also use an old bed sheet, curtain or skirt whose print you particularly like.
Lay down your fabric, then lay down your cork board right over it.
Cut the fabric to your cork board’s shape, making sure there is about 3-4 inches of fabric surrounding the board.
Glue the fabric to the board, making sure that each side of the fabric is tight.
Flip the board to check if the pattern and the fabric is tight and glued on right.
You can stop here and hang your fabric cork board up or you can do many fabric cork board pieces and then glue them to a large piece of plywood.


As this school year comes to a close, my organizing mojo has kicked in again. Throughout the year, my daughter and I have accumulated a lot of school supplies and art materials which I know she can still use all throughout the summer and even onto the next school year.


So before you bring out your kid’s swim suits and goggles,

you need to first put away her used and unopened art and school materials in a bin. 


Inside the bin, keep the materials organized by using separate bags. Don’t forget to label them!


Now that’s done, have a happy summer!

To watch my video about this, please click the link below.


School is almost over, now how do you organize all the items your kids have accumulated throughout the school year?

Don’t throw, just box!

The reason why I suggest you keep them in a box is for easy review if your child has to refer back to an old quiz or text book. 


I keep all of my daughter’s former school books in this box filled with stickers of her choice. 




You can also use plastic boxes just like these! 



Now some people would ask, so when should I get rid of my old textbooks?  This is really something only the owner can answer.  If he or she feels that all the information is readily available online or if the owner badly needs space which boxes upon boxes of old school books are taking up, then it’s time to let it go.


But again, don’t throw! You can donate old textbooks and recycle old notebooks and quizzes.


Today’s organization project is how to de-clutter your kitchen by maximizing your mugs!

Do you have more mugs than the people in your household that use them? It is said that an average household has 2 to 3 times more mugs than the people who use them daily. In my home, there are just 4 adults who all drink coffee just once a day, but we have about 15 mugs of different prints and sizes.  That’s a lot of extra!  The worse thing about having a lot of mugs is that they don’t stack well so they actually use up a lot of space!

First, you need to toss any mug that has a chip or a stain. Then consider repurposing the extra ones to organize the other spaces in your home!

I used my extra mugs to organize my pens.

For my extra mug rack, I use them to hang up my daughter’s accessories!

You can also use your mugs to plan some greens.

Good luck and do share with me your own pictures of how you repurposed your extra mugs! Please post it my OCfied facebook account.

Creative Book Shelves

I have a family of book-lovers so it’s no surprise that we’ve amassed way too many books, more than our little condo can hold.

So I’m trying to find creative ways on how to OCfy and display our books.  Hmmmm which one should I choose?


I can use wire baskets.  This could probably work well too with any sturdy basket.


How about this modern-looking book shelf?


I could go all out and have one built in a particular shape. 


How about this one? Literal floating bookshelves!


Or I can just keep them stored neatly with one of my favorite organizing objects —- the magazine file!


Do you have other book organizing ideas? Send me a message here or on my Facebook Page at OCfied.

Bathroom Make-Over

A few weeks ago I went on a quest to do a bathroom make-over. I decided to get a few things at National Book Store and just wanted to share all my fab finds!

I found woven baskets that was perfect for putting toiletries in.




I also got an extra one for my guests! Now anytime I have someone over, I just bring this out.


To my surprise, they sell laundry bags too! So I bought a pair of suction cups to keep them up like this.


I don’t like bearing too many holes on my walls or doors.  So this over the door hook works perfectly for me.


I was pretty surprised to find a lot of stuff there because my first thought when it comes to the place is books and school or work supplies.  The possibilities of organizing are endless at National Book Store.  Watch out as I post more of my finds from them here on my blog!

Clipboard Mania

There’s another nifty school or work item that also works well as an organizing tool.  A clipboard! 


You can mount it on your workstation to organize your files.


Create your own clipboard photo wall!


Or an art gallery for all your kid’s artwork!


Clipboards also make excellent necklace holders as they keep the chains from becoming entangled.


An average clipboard isn’t so average with a little bit of imagination.