Collect Them All!

I’ve collected plenty of these throughout the years… no, they’re not action figures nor art… they’re business cards!  Some from clients, others from publications and networks, a big chunk from suppliers, and then some from doctors, professionals, resorts, salons and many, many more!

I do save the important numbers on my mobile phone but I keep the card anyway for future reference.  And I’m sure glad I did because one time when my phone bogged down, I lost all my contacts!

Here’s how to “OCfy” your big business card collection:

1. Organize According to Category

I know a lot of business card organizers have those little tabs that keep them alphabetized. But I would rather organize according to category since I won’t be able to remember the name of the company or person I need to look for them under the correct letter.  So what I did was to remove all the alphabet tabs and replace them with labels of my own (using my label maker of course!).  So now if for example I need an events supplier, I go through the “Suppliers” tab.  If I need to contact my hairstylist, then I look through the “Beauty and Health” tab.

2.Write Notes.

I add my own notes at the back of some cards especially if it’s not easy to remember what the company is for, or where I met that person, or his or her nickname.

3. Find the Perfect Organization Tool

Now the fun part… choose an organization tool that will keep your business cards together in an easy to access system.

You can use a puncher and a ball chain or heavy string.

Binder snap rings work well, too!

Or use a good ol’ rolodex.  Jazz it up by covering the dividers with craft paper.