Calling All Sunglasses Hoarders… just like me!

I gave half of my sunglasses away when I moved to a new condo late last year and I still have a bin full of them left over.  I can’t seem to part with them even though I end up wearing the same pair every day!

So today I’m doing a bit of research on how to stylishly store my sunnies!

Hang it all up!


Another way to hang it is to get a large picture frame and remove the backing.  Add pretty silk ribbons or twine and tie them to the back of the frame using small nails to keep them in place.  You’ve made yourself an art piece!


It hangs well on wire too!


You can also use command hooks!  Here’s an actual picture of mine.  I have this on my closet wall so that it’s the last thing I grab before I close my closet.


With summer fast-approaching, you’ll probably add another (or two) new sunnies to your collection.  So hope this blog helps you organize and display your collection.

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