BELT it Out!

Just by the title alone, today’s blog topic is all about organizing belts in an OCfied way!

Do you have one closet with two people sharing it? That’s a common situation in condo-living and it’s certainly a huge challenge but no impossible feat.  So here are some simple solutions to make sure that organizing your belts is a cinch!

Here’s how I organize mine!  I use a socks organizer to keep all my belts. image

You can also use extra shower curtain hooks and attach them to a hanger to display your belts!  This idea though works only if you have soft belts.  Some belts won’t curve and hang that easily.image

I like using command hooks to hang anything up…including belts!  image

If you have an extra jewelry tray, this works well too!


Having your belts OCfied saves you a lot of time when getting dressed.  Having it all in one easy to see and easy to store place also helps you effortlessly plan your look for the day!