Makeup Mania

Here’s another round of tips on how to OCfy your makeup and de-clutter your bathroom or dresser! I found some acrylic cases in National Book Store that worked perfectly.

1.     Brochure Stand

This makes a really good container for flat or thin makeup cases like my face powders, eye shadows and blushes.  The transparent case makes makeup easy to find, get, and return afterwards.

2.     Desk Organizer

Originally meant for papers and pens, I use this to organize my makeup brushes and lip-glosses.  The place meant to hold paper is where I put sample sachets and oil blotters.

3.     Multi-Purpose Acrylic Stand

I was very excited when I found a perfect acrylic stand that had the same size holes as my lipsticks and small makeup tubes.

I always get a high over finding perfect containers for my things. Now that my makeup has been OCfied, getting ready for work or a night out is easier.


Your Own BOWtique

My daughter has a lot of clips and bows in all sizes and colors! So here are some ways on how I OCfied them!


1.     Plastic Containers

There are lots of plastic containers out there that have adjustable partitions so that you can modify them according to your needs.  I found this one at National Book Store.  We like it a lot because of its pink color!




2.     Ice Trays

Ice trays make really good hair accessory containers especially for small items like hair pins and small rubber bands.




3.     Carabiners

I like using carabiners to keep all of my extra hair ties together which I usually buy in bulk.  




4.     Ribbons

Here’s a great idea!  You can attach some ribbons to a board or frame for your clips and hair pins.


Long Live The Flowers!

Here are some tips on how to make your beautiful flowers last longer!


1.     USE SODA

Add ¼ cup of soda in a vase with water. The sugar will make the flowers last longer. 





Spritz some hairspray on the undersides of the leaves and petals to preserve it.





Add 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and 2 tablespoons of sugar to your water to enhance your flowers’ longevity.





To minimize the growth of bacteria, add a few drops of vodka to the water along with 1 teaspoon of sugar.  Then change the water every day, refreshing the vodka and sugar each time you do.




5.     ASPIRIN

Crush some aspirin and add it to the water of your flowers. Then change the water every few days, adding newly crushed aspirin each time.


Flora on Display

During the Victorian times, there was a limited flower selection so certain flowers had specific meanings which people would use to symbolize certain things.  See all the different flowers and its meanings here:


If you received flowers last Feb 14…good for you!  Now it’s time to OCfy it!  There’s no need to always go the traditional vase route!


Why not use a toothbrush holder? 



How about painting some used soft drink bottles? You can get the step by step DIY instructions here:



Or just collect lots of old wine bottles to create a spectacular display just like this one!



Whatever container you choose, with a little imagination, water and some fleurs, you can make your home a little cozier, and a whole lot prettier!

How to OCfy your Beauty Junk

Us girls, we love to buy makeup! In fact, we have a tendency to buy tooooo much make-up! 

There are 2 tell-tale signs if you are a makeup hoarder. One is if you wear makeup all the time and can’t see yourself going out of the house without it. Hmmm…I think my sister falls under this category.  And two, which is where I think I fall under, love to buy whatever my friends recommend, or see in magazines (I guess I can call this makeup envy) but they all eventually end up in makeup graveyard at the bottom of my bathroom drawer.

So I’ve developed a way to organize cosmetics so it doesn’t litter your bathroom or dresser, and it helps you save time when you prepare for work or a date!


What you’ll need:

Magnetic Board


Super Glue


1. Test the magnets on the magnetic board. Take note of the side that doesn’t stick.  Add super glue to this side.


2. Now glue that to the back of your makeup or cosmetic bottle or tube.


3. Mount the magnetic board to the wall closest to your bathroom or dresser mirror.


To see the full video tutorial of how I did it, click here!


Remember, an organized home means less time looking for things and more time with your family!

OCfy Your Bathrooms

Hey guys! I just uploaded my 3rd OCfied video! Yipeee! Today’s video features ways and tips on how to creatively organize your bathrooms! Please subscribe to the OCfied youtube channel for regular organization videos.

Remember, an organized home means less time looking for things and more time with your family!


Collect Them All!

I’ve collected plenty of these throughout the years… no, they’re not action figures nor art… they’re business cards!  Some from clients, others from publications and networks, a big chunk from suppliers, and then some from doctors, professionals, resorts, salons and many, many more!

I do save the important numbers on my mobile phone but I keep the card anyway for future reference.  And I’m sure glad I did because one time when my phone bogged down, I lost all my contacts!

Here’s how to “OCfy” your big business card collection:

1. Organize According to Category

I know a lot of business card organizers have those little tabs that keep them alphabetized. But I would rather organize according to category since I won’t be able to remember the name of the company or person I need to look for them under the correct letter.  So what I did was to remove all the alphabet tabs and replace them with labels of my own (using my label maker of course!).  So now if for example I need an events supplier, I go through the “Suppliers” tab.  If I need to contact my hairstylist, then I look through the “Beauty and Health” tab.

2.Write Notes.

I add my own notes at the back of some cards especially if it’s not easy to remember what the company is for, or where I met that person, or his or her nickname.

3. Find the Perfect Organization Tool

Now the fun part… choose an organization tool that will keep your business cards together in an easy to access system.

You can use a puncher and a ball chain or heavy string.

Binder snap rings work well, too!

Or use a good ol’ rolodex.  Jazz it up by covering the dividers with craft paper.