How do you organize the mail that is piling up on top of your foyer table or at the unused edge of your dining table?  You need to choose a system that will work best for you.









Whatever system you choose, make sure that it helps you categorize and take control of your mail. 


Many of us have this for our new year’s resolution: “This year I promise to be more efficient with my time”.  Well as most of us know, this is easier said than done!  Time management can be gruelling for working parents!  So here’s how to organize yourself so that maybe, just maybe, we will be able to achieve this particular resolution THIS year.


Decide on which planner suits you best.  I personally like using the digital calendar that came with my phone for future events and birthday reminders.  I categorize events into work related or personal.  I also like this because I can easily search for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plans this way.



But I also own an old school planner which I use to jot down all the activities and events that happened during the day.  This way I can easily remember which day I was able to finish a project, was absent at work, or had my last dental check-up.  I even paste pictures of past events just to remind myself what happened that day.






Instead of daily to-do-lists, try making a weekly one instead then divide them into 1/ Personal, 2/ Work, 3/ Family or you can add your own categories if you like.  The point here is to divide the tasks by category and that way you can prioritize.  Family and personal health for me always comes first and during work time, I only focus on work tasks.




I try to train my daughter as early as now by letting her have her own cute to-do list and letting her put check marks or stickers on chores she was able to do.  I am also trying to potty train her this way.




Once a task is done, I suggest you delete it (if digital) or check it off.  This way, the clutter on your to-do list is minimized on a daily basis and you won’t feel as stressed when looking at your task list.

Enter Please!


When you come home, do you open the door to a tidy entryway or do you face a cluttered space that feels stressful and may make any guest feel unwelcome?

It’s time to organize your entryway or foyer!  This is the space in your home that, if organized well, can save you time when you rush out every morning.


Have a designated spot to collect items such as umbrellas and jackets. When choosing an umbrella stand, you can DIY it but make sure that the container is heavy enough to stand upright with several umbrellas in different sizes inside it.



Have another designated spot for things that you need to grab right before you leave every day.  You can use a bowl for spare change, a bin for receipts and several hooks for keys.

When hanging keys, make sure that each is labelled properly to save you time trying to guess which is which!



Say no to grimy shoes entering your home!  Keep rubber shoes or boots on a tray right by the door and a container of slippers to change into.  This way, you also feel relaxed right away the moment you come home.



I almost always forget to put perfume on.  So why not put perfume bottles on display on display the foyer table!  Not only does it make the space look attractive, you will also never leave the house again without any perfume on.



If you are an animal lover like me, then you will also need to designate a spot at the entryway for your pet’s leash, treats, dog bags and travel water bowl.



I am still on post-holiday de-cluttering mode and last night I tackled the Christmas cards I collected from last season.  I personally like keeping them all in a scrapbook so that I can go through them again someday (I guess this is a good way to check who remembers you throughout the years).

There are a lot of great scrapbook templates just for this purpose.

If you don’t like scrapbooking, then you can also create a Christmas card booklet with ordinary key rings and a puncher!

You can also upcycle your Christmas cards into a nice paper tree centrepiece! This is brilliant!

Or you can start early (really early!) and upcycle them into future Christmas ornaments.

Or how about making your own book marks?


You can also create a Greeting Card Prayer Box which is basically any box that holds all the Christmas cards that you received.  Then during family prayer time, you can pull out a card to pray for the person or family that sent it to you.

Good luck and may you find the perfect storage solution for all the greetings lovingly sent your way.


Albert Einstein had a very messy desk!
So does that give us all a creative excuse to have a messy desk?  Maybe not.  Well, not unless you are a genius just like him than maybe, just maybe, you can be excused.  But for the rest of us mortals, if you want to gear up for an exciting career year, then it’s time to de-clutter your office work station.When I got back to the office after the short holiday break, I was hung over from all the festivities.  But the moment I arrived at the office this morning, it was like getting smacked on the face!  I faced a big pile of paperwork left over from last year, unfiled documents and folders strewn across the table, left over gift bags under my table… in short my work station could rival that of Einstein’s!Luckily I was able to get to work early to do some post-holiday de-cluttering.  Here are some tips I learned along the way!
Use containers and file organizers to create a home for everything in your work station…. Then stick by it!  Don’t fall into the rut of using the top shelf of your office drawer as a catchall.  Assign a place for all your paper clips and binders, a space for your pens and erasers.  Now that you know exactly where everything is and should be kept, this will also help you become more efficient at work.
It’s time to live by the expression “Think Before You Print”.  If you don’t need to print it, then don’t!  You save Mother Earth a lot of waste.  Another way to keep paper waste under control is to keep a paper recycling bin beside your trash can or the printer.  This way, you will encourage yourself and office mates to re-use paper and lessen office clutter.
If you can, invest in wireless or Bluetooth devices to lessen the cords around your office work space.  No wires = less clutter.
Replace the mess on your desk with photos or well-placed favorite objects that will make you love your work place.
My daughter does this in Nursery school, so why can’t I?  Before leaving the office, take a minute or two to put things away.  You come back the next day to a clean and tidy environment that will put you in a better mood to work.
Here’s to a new year, a newly cleaned work place and a new outlook for a better career!

Holiday TOYDOZER Tips

Christmas is fun especially for children. I loved watching my daughter open one gift after another, her eyes full of awe and excitement with each and every one.  All throughout the week, she has been happily playing with all her new toys. I am so grateful to all our family and friends who showered her with so much presents this year. Thank you Lolas, Lolos, Titas, Titos, Ninangs and Ninongs… you know who you all are. J  But with all the new toys in the house, it’s time for “Organized Catherine” to put back some order!

So yesterday, when I joined my mom and dad for lunch at the mall, we decided to look at possible new storage containers to organize and make room for Franzea’s new toys.

If you are a parent, you probably understand the dilemma of post-holiday gift clutter. Now that it’s time to look past the clutter of Christmas Past, I’d like to share two rules that I live by:



For every new doll, new art set, new stuffed animal, I try to convince my daughter to let go of one that she has outgrown. I tell her that we need to either donate or throw them away (if they really look old and dirty) to make space for new ones. This is actually the best time to ask kids to let go of old toys because their focus is on all the new toys that they got for Christmas.



Make sure that each doll, art set, stuffed animal and anything else that you child plays with has a clear and permanent place in her room.  I like sorting them in different plastic bins so that packing away at the end of each day is easy and you can find anything quickly.


CLUTTER? Chances are your closet is full of it!  So as the New Year starts, it is also time to start eliminating messy habits by tackling your wardrobe with these tips! 


1. Get Your Mind In Order

Before de-cluttering, make sure you that feel relaxed and open.  I totally understand that letting go is not an easy task.  So do this during a time when you don’t have anything else scheduled and your focus will not be distracted by anything else.  Go ahead and play some music even.  It’s time to tell yourself, “Less is more.”



2. Judgement Time

You may have saved some big boxes over Christmas. Get 2 big ones out and label them “THROW” and “DONATE”.  Trash bags are okay to use too.   Once you have them, it’s time to go through your closet’s contents one by one.  Pile the ones you want to keep on the bed and as soon as you come across an item that you need to throw or want to donate, put it in one of these boxes.

But what about all those items that you are unsure of because you might want to use them some day? Well, the rule of thumb is if you have not used it for over a year, it’s time to discard it.  By the time that purple skirt or lace top becomes fashionable again, it will probably be tweaked and it won’t be exactly the same.  So…just…let…go. 



3. Boxes and Bins

For smaller or irregularly shaped items, you can put these in different boxes and bins.  Socks can be in one bin, hair accessories in another.  Sweaters and bulky clothes can also be placed in plastic containers to keep them compact.  Just make sure you label all boxes and bins so you don’t forget what’s inside.  Keeping items this way will help increase storage space.