Sale season is here!  And whether you are a shopaholic or not, every purchase means you come home with a paper or plastic bag.  If you are not that careful, these bags just might take over your kitchen drawers and cabinets!

Here are some storage ideas to keep your paper and plastic bag clutter under control.

Mount a used tissue box using velcro stickers to the back of your cabinet door for an instant plastic bag dispenser!


Another way to make your own plastic dispenser is by recycling an old cardboard tube and cutting out some plastic holes in them.


If you are any good with sewing, you can use old tea towels to create a pretty plastic dispenser to be hung on any door or hook!


Why not use a paper filer for your paper bags, just like this one?


How about mounting an old paper tray to the wall and knotting across some bungee cords to keep your paper bags in place?


You can also use a tension rod with shower hooks to hang all your paper bags nicely.


A magazine file will also keep all your paper bags neatly stored under your sink.


Whatever you do, don’t throw that plastic or paper bag without re-using it.  It’s a small step we can all do to help save the environment.

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