Confessions of a Certified OC

I am going to start this blog with a big confession… I wasn’t always obsessed with organizing. In fact, I was the complete opposite. I wanted to be creative, free-thinking and intuitive.  Sooo very right brained!  I thought back then, “Being organized are for control freaks and I don’t want to become a corny left brainer!”…right?  Well, I was wrong.

I landed a marketing job in a television network that needed me to conceptualize new ideas on a daily basis (yoohoo, right brain kicking in) but it also required me to cost out, plan and implement these ideas into fruition (hello, calling the left brain).  So I had no choice but to challenge myself to become more organized.  Yes, having a Palm Pilot helped (remember those personal digital assistants in the 90’s?) but it was more than that.  I needed to change my lifestyle to embrace a more systematic and orderly life. I became so OC (Obsessive Compulsive) that my work station was hailed the neatest one in the office.

Soon after that, a tidal wave of work and a surge of adult life responsibilities quickly heaved in.  I hardly had the energy to finish my to-do lists, much more take the time to be neat and organized.  Being OC just had to take a back seat.

One day, I woke up again to the realization that clutter was taking over my life.  Back then, my husband and I were living in a compact one bedroom condominium that was already filled to the brim with our baby’s stuff, his stuff, my stuff, and just a whole lot of other stuff.  So stuffed was our place we couldn’t even have visitors over.  My excuse was that we had no choice and just had to wait until we could move to a bigger place.  But then I reached a point when every day just felt so hectic, I felt so inefficient with my tasks, important documents and events were forgotten and everything just felt so overwhelming.   Worse, weekend mornings were used to either look for or clean up something… instead of me just relaxing with my husband and daughter.  It was time to take my life back in order!

Fast forward to today.  I am OCfied and loving it!  And I am starting this blog to hopefully help you create a clutter-free life for yourself and your family.  By being OCfied, you will create order in your home, find ways to reduce stress, maximize space and eliminate chaos in your life forever.  If I was able to do it, so can you. ☺